Saturday, November 29, 2008

Review: Song in Stone by Walter H. Hunt

A big thank you to Walter H. Hunt for so generously sending me a copy of his new book.

Ian Graham, an unemployed television interviewer, gets a job offer to do a documentary on the mystery of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. Ian takes the tour to get a feel for the location. As the guide is talking about the mysterious stone carvings,Ian starts to hear a humming noise that intensifies as he goes farther. The guide explains that the stones have a meaning but that it has been lost to history. Not only does Ian hear a humming noise as the guide speaks, he thinks he is hearing his agent and another man talking in the crypts area. He then begins to hear music that no one else seems to hear. As the music swells, he hears the words ” truth conquers all” in his head. Fade to black as Ian falls into nothingness.

When Ian awakens, he is but he isn’t Ian. If this seems like an enigma, it is. He is Ian in body but not Ian of the 21st century. It seems he has been transported back to the year 1307 as an initiate of the Knights Templar making his way on a pilgrimage. The final destination is a location not to be built for another century or more. He has memory of his other self in the 21st century but also can function in the 14th,just as if he had lived there for years. Because Ian has the sole ability to hear the “healing music” he is a target for those who have it in for the Knights Templar. Ian knows that in approximately 6 weeks the King will give an order to rout out all the Knights Templar and arrest them. In order to save the music for the world, Ian must finish his pilgrimage and return to his own time. Will he be able to finish this dangerous but very important mission? Will it be in time ?

What an absolutely incredible imagination Mr. Hunt has! I was pulled into this story from the outset and did not want to put it down until the very last page. Although Hunt writes with a simplistic clarity, the reader feels as if he or she is actually in the scene eagerly anticipating the next stage of the journey. The ways of the pilgrims and their faith in God are vividly portrayed. There is a tremendous amount of history woven into this amazing tale bringing the whole story to life. If you like symbolic mysteries with a little fantasy and history woven into the story, then this book is for you. After greatly enjoying books such as The Da Vinci Code, I was predisposed to like this book and it certainly did not disappoint. Indeed, a highly recommended read. 5*****

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