Monday, January 12, 2009

Review: The Christmas Edition by Robin Shope

At the Turtle Creek Newspaper Christmas party, Lucy Collins wishes for a new editor to save her small family newspaper from extinction. Rumor has it a big corporation newspaper is coming to town. Almost as if conjured out of thin air, a young man named Joe McNamara appears at the front desk. Lucy immediately assumes he is there for the advertised editor’s job. After Joe is hired and starts to make real improvements to the paper, Lucy finds her jaded heart starting to fall for him. When she sees him having lunch with one of the owners of the rival news corporation, she begins to have her doubts. What looked like to be the best Christmas ever is not looking too promising.

This would not be a book I think I would have picked up until Wendi B raved about it and said she couldn’t put it down. I entered her contest and won. Thanks again, Wendi! She was right. I started to read and yes, maybe, the storyline might be little corny but the book did engage me immediately. I wanted to know what happened with these characters. All the characters at the newspaper were very likeable and believable. The story flowed quite easily with good pacing. Ms. Shope did a great job of supplying a little mystery and just giving enough clues to the characters'actions that I absolutely had to keep reading.

There were quite a lot of twists to this book. What was the significance with the Christmas ornaments? What letters did Joe keep reading? What secret was he hiding? What were his real intentions? Will romance flourish in Turtle Creek? Intrigued yet? Well, you’ll just have to pick this one up and see for yourself. A quick, easy read and perfect for the chick lit challenge. For it’s genre, I would rate this book 4*


  1. Sounds really good. I have wanted to get my hands on this one. :)

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  3. I didn't get the butterfly award! Oh no! I want it! I need it!! LOL
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  4. This sounds like a good one. Great review!


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