Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review: Mackenzie Blue by Tina Wells

When Mackenzie Blue, or Zee as she likes to be called, enters the seventh grade, she knows it will be a hard adjustment this year since her best friend Ally just moved to France. I mean, France, of all places! Yikes! As if a new school and new teachers isn't trouble enough, losing her diary with her innermost secrets in it on the first day of school really gets her in a twist.

The day that Zee enters her music class and sees her private thoughts from her diary written on the dry erase board, she just knows she is in for a lot of mortification. Who could have her diary? Why are they being so mean to her?

Zee aspires to be a big pop star some day and has been working on a song for the Teen Sing competition held at her school. The problem is her song is written in her diary and now it is gone and she has yet to find out the mysterious someone who has it. With the help of Mr. P., her music teacher, and her brother Adam, Zee writes a new song, more awesome than the first one. At the Teen Sing competition, the audience just loves it.

Ms. Wells has perfectly captured the tween population with this fun read. The fashions, the music, the pen and ink illustrations and doodles are done to perfection just as kids that age would do. Text messages are written just as kids would write them. I like the inherent message in the story; stay true to your aspirations and most of all true to yourself. Not all people who act like friends really are, not all big brothers are dorks and your true friends will show you who they really are by their actions, not just their words.I think this is one story kids can really relate to.For it's genre : 4****

Geared to ages 8-12 or grades 3-7.

A big thank you to Harper Collins for sending me the book. Mackenzie Blue will be on bookshelves May 5th.

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  1. This looks adorable! I will never be too old for kids books. I still have my favorites from when I was a little. Thanks for your review. Love it!


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