Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cover Attraction

Cover Attraction is a weekly meme kindly hosted by Marcia at the Printed Page.

Okay, I promise this is the last tea related post, for a while anyway. Teapots, teacups and just china in general have always held an interest for me. The sight of this display just makes me want to travel to a fancy tea room, soak up the ambiance and partake of the goodies.

Still sticking with the tea theme but in the history and production of tea, I found this non-fiction cover alluring. The book synopsis sounds very interesting also.

The tea industry has had a colorful and glamorous journey in India. Since the time the British colonialists discovered the potentials of the plant, it has not only provided good commercial investments for the country, but also a platform for all in its trade to flash their glamour, riches, culture and exoticism. If post-colonial India boasts of her grand Victorian monuments and serpentine railways, she also, albeit in a more discreet manner, loves to boast this industry with its sprawling green estates, bungalows that put less privileged royals to shame and a legacy in its proud planters and jovial laborers.
This book is a lavish attempt to tell the story of Indian tea through the combination of fluid yet practical text and an extraordinary splurge of images. It is a work of non-fiction, written in the style of fiction. It is a combination of legends, fictional characters with the spirit of real planters and firm facts and figures. The visuals, carefully selected and designed, are meant to give the reader a pictorial definition of the text, which is a result of long research and the experiences of a person who was in the industry during a very crucial period of its history. It creates a journey across time for the reader, a journey to take him along the colorful past, present and possible future of the Indian tea world. (from B&N)

What cover or covers caught your fancy this week?


  1. I love these - the beginning and the end where tea is concerned. Nice post!

  2. I love it-I'd like to be sitting at that table enjoying some tea and goodies.

  3. The cover of the first is beautiful,and makes the humble chipped mug of no-longer-quite hot tea I'm drinking look pathetic!

  4. Oh, these never get old! They are all beautiful covers. Tea sets always look so elegant and there are so many different patterns, colors, styles - no two are alike. If you like them, keep doing them!

    I was going to do this meme this week. I've been wanting to for weeks because I love covers. I haven't done it yet but I still might. It's never too late, is it?

  5. The first cover is very classy --makes me wish I could once again sit down to tea with my grandmother, she would have loved a book like this.

    The 2nd cover is visually interesting with it's bright colours and cultural implications, very attractive!

  6. I love tea and tea related things. Sorry I've missed these posts. I did a new meme on Thursday Called Thursday Tea. I love it. It includes books of course, here's my post if it interests you:

    And the originator of the meme is Anastasia here:

  7. You should look into the Thursday Tea meme. I posted my first one this week.


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