Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brand new Bingo Award

While I am always most appreciative of any award, this new one from Karen of Bookin' with Bingo really, really touched me. I can't even express what her kind words mean to me but I just teared up. Sniff . . .This "B-I-N-G-O" BEAUTIFUL BLOG AWARD means that this blog is...

B: Beautiful
I: Informative
N: Neighborly
G: Gorgeous
O: Outstanding

Please look carefully at as many blogs as you can to find the top FIVE blogs that YOU think also exemplify these standards and pass it along to them. Please don't break this chain of FIVE! If you are someone who doesn't want awards or doesn't pass them on, please tell the person who is giving it so they can share it with someone who would want it. Thank you. Also, link your award to the person who gave it to you so when people link on the person's name or blog name, it will take them there to see that person's BINGO-RIFFIC BLOG.

I wrote down the five criteria words on a piece of paper and each word brought a lot of blogs to mind so it is hard to narrow it down but here are my choices:

Beautiful: Toni of A Circle of Books. One of the first things that attracted me to her blog was the header. It just bespoke elegance and love of reading to me before I even read one post. After being a follower for quite some time now and thoroughly enjoying every post, I know how beautiful a person Toni is. Her spirit and personality just shine through.

Informative: Rebecca of Lost in Books has an extremely informative blog. In fact she has a new feature called Take Me Away Saturday that is so well researched and interesting, I look forward to the next segment as soon as I read the current one. If you haven't read this feature, you are truly missing something unique. I love the maps she creates too showing the featured country and it's writers. Great job, Rebecca!

Neighborly: When I think of friendly and neighborly, I think of Debbie of Wrighty's Reads. She is one of the sweetest, nicest, most caring people I have "met" on line. Wrighty is always willing to give encouragement to all with a kind and friendly word. She is willing to share her innermost vulnerabilities and joys with the blogging community. It is an honor to be considered her friend.

Gorgeous: Carey of Tome Traveller is my choice for this criteria. Her blog is just so beautiful, almost breathtaking when you open the page. Every thing about her is gorgeous also. Carey really spends a lot of time on her content and it shows. I love to visit!

Outstanding: To my mind, this encompasses every wonderful quality there is: friendliness, caring, intelligence, wit, informative, fun. You name it and Dar of Peeking Between the Pages has it. If you are not a follower of this fabulous blog you are missing something very ,very special. Please visit these blogs and spread some comment love.

Thank you again Bingo!

Debbie of Wrighty's Reads has added to my Literary Blogger award and this one has been passed on. Thank you, Debbie. This is an award that is truly cherished. I would like to think I have inspired at least one person to read a new book.


  1. Congrats, well deserved :D
    And cool award

  2. Congratulations! What a great award!

  3. Wow Kaye, I'm just overwhelmed right now with this award from you-thank you so much-really I am teary. Your beautiful words about me really mean a lot and came at a good time. You have a beautiful heart my friend-again, thank you. Congrats on your awards-they are more than well deserved!

  4. Congrats to you and
    Thank you so much for the kind words.

  5. Congratulations Kaye! And thank you so much for passing this on to me and for your kind words! You are wonderful! :)


  6. Congrats to you for being the very first recipient of this award! You are the perfect choice and represent all of the qualities listed. Thank you so much for honoring me as you've passed it on. You are always so kind and I appreciate all of the nice things you said. You are the sweetest person ever!

  7. Congrats and I couldn't agree more :)

  8. Kaye, I am flattered beyond words. Thank you so much! And congrats on your receiving it as well. Love your blog. :)


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