Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bloody Great Blogger Award

One of my favorite bloggers, Bookfan-Mary, has graciously bestowed this award to P.P.P. I hope I can live up to the criteria. Thank you so much , Mary, for the honor. I always look forward to your comments and e mail.

The Bloody Great Blogger award is to be given to 5 bloggers who have been supportive and extra special to you in the blogging process. That person who always comments or the one who emails you to let you know about that Freudian slip you missed, the blogger who links to your posts or lifts you up when your blog is down.

There are so many wonderful people out there in the blogosphere, it is always hard to pick out a few. The first five that come to mind are:

  1. Debbie from Wrighty's Reads
  2. Karen from Bookin' with Bingo
  3. Staci from Life in the Thumb
  4. Yvonne at Socrates Book Review
  5. Kathy at Bermuda Onion

Rebecca of Lost in Books and Debbie of Book Magic have added to my Lemonade award and this one has been previously passed on. Thank you Rebecca and Debbie. Debbie has also added to my Humane award. Such an honor, Debbie, thank you. I thoroughly enjoy your blogs and would encourage anyone to visit if you are not a regular reader. You will definitely become one!


  1. Congratulations! You are so sweet to think of me - I'm truly flattered!

  2. I just love the title of this award!


  3. Congrats on this cool award!! And wow!!! thanks so much for passing it on to me!!!! I think you're wonderful and this award totally exemplifies you!!

  4. Congratulations and thank you SO MUCH. What a neat new award! I don't think I have seen it before. You are a dear to pass it on to me and I shall be posting it ASAP. It is good to know that so many other bloggers realize how wonderful YOU are, Kaye!

  5. Congrats on your award and thank you so much for mine!

  6. Congrats to you and your nominees!

  7. What a great award! Congrats to you Kaye! You are the perfect pick for this one. And I'm so very honored that you have shared it with me. You touched my little heart! Thanks so much!! :)

  8. Don't you just love getting awards?
    Congrats on yours.

    I noticed that you are living in Florida - I lived there for the first 52 years of my life, and then my husband dragged me to another planet.

    If you are interested - drop me an email. I love "visiting" from folks who live back home.


  9. Congrats on the awards, and where is Pudgy!

  10. That is a cool award - how nice for you to receive it!

    I too enjoy Staci's blog - great choice.


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