Monday, October 5, 2009

Mailbox Monday

Mailbox Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page. Anyone can play along. Just leave a link to your MM at Marcia's blog and follow the links to other blogs to see what books are finding their way to mailboxes around the world. Caveat: participation in MM can cause your tbr list to grow exponentially. This is what found it's way to my mailbox last week:

Monday : 2 books from Multnomah/Random House for tour at the end of the month. Thanks, Staci!

Shadow Government by Grant Jeffrey

Wisdom Hunter by Randall Arthur

Saturday: A box of goodies and 5 books won from Sabrina at Cheeky Girl for BBAW contest includes:

Sexiest Man Alive by Diana Holquist

The Booster by Jennifer Solow

The Art of French Kissing by Kristen Harmel

High Tea by Sandra Harper

Rapture's Tempest by Bobbi Smith (whoo, I'll need a plain brown paper wrapper for this one !) Thanks again, Sabrina!

Also received on Saturday 3 books from Multnomah/Random House for tour Nov 2-6th.

What Matters Most by Melody Carlson

Leaving Carolina by Tamara Leigh

Limelight by Melody Carlson

Thanks, Elizabeth!

What showed up at your house? Anything eliciting the squeal factor?


  1. You are so right about Mailbox Monday causing one's tbr list to grow. You received many good books. Happy reading!

  2. Wow, you got some great books! Happy reading :)

  3. Hey, Lady! Great list : ) I'm waiting on Leaving Carolina. Nice wins, enjoy!

  4. thanks for stopping by today. Some of the books on my wishlist I found on your blog. thanks for all of the good recommendations.

  5. Wow - so many great books. Congrats on your win and goodies!!

    Here's my Mailbox! ~ Wendi

  6. You got so many goodies! There are a few on your list that I would like to read.
    Enjoy them!

  7. You had a great week. I'm curious about Leaving Carolina. Hope you enjoy all of your books.

  8. ooo, shadow government...sounds like a conspiracy

  9. What a great pile of books! :-) Enjoy!

  10. Haha! I used to use brown paper bags to wrap romance novels in junior high. :) Enjoy your books - they sound like fun reads!

  11. Wow...your mailbox loved you!!! Enjoy all of those goodies!!!!

  12. Wow that was some week in books for you. Awesome. Enjoy!

  13. Wow - you got some good loot! Hope you are doing well Kaye! By the way, isn't it supposed to be Fall or something? I'm so ready for it to be 30 degrees down here in Hell!! LOL

  14. Holy cats! You had a great week! The mailman must have loved coming to your house on Saturday! I also got the three books for the Waterbrook tour. We'll have to compare thoughts. Enjoy your treasures!


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