Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wondrous Words Wednesday

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Bermuda Onion. This is where we share new to us words that we have come across during our week of reading. My words this week are all taken from Supreme Courtship by Christopher Buckley. A most enjoyable (5*) read that will be on my Show Me 5 Saturday post.

persiflage: n, light bantering style of writing or speaking. Idle good natured bantering.

Hayden was not one to waste presidential weekend time on persiflage.

logorrheic: adj., log·or·rheic, excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness

Successive campaign advisors had tried without success to get him to give briefer answers, but nothing had stemmed the logorrheic tide, the tsunami of subordinate clauses and parenthetical asides, the inexorable mudslide of anecdotage.

susurrus: n, a whisper, a sound

The lawyer pushed on . . " that a carburetor and a firearm, however distinct from a mechanical point of view, are both devices that come with implicit guarantees of functionality."

"Like an electric chair, say?"

A susurrus of laughter rippled through the Court. Justice Santamaria was frisky today.

Okay, so I gave you more than just the word but this book kept me so amused. I don't think there was a page on which I didn't at least snicker. Happy reading!


  1. I suppose most bloggers are guilty of persiflaging.

    Here's mine:

  2. Great words! And sort of on a theme - all about sound and talking.

    My list is here.

  3. I have made use of susurrus in my poetry!

    Here is my Wondrous Words Wednesdays post!

  4. Sounds like an interesting book with all those new words. I like books that challenge my vocabulary.

    I love the sound of susurrus.

  5. Those are great words! I'm not sure how to pronounce any of them, though. I'm not surprised Supreme Courtship is so good - I love Christopher Buckley's sense of humor.

  6. Fabulous words you have chosen.
    I really like persiflage. I must try to remember it. This books sounds like it has a sense of humor, am I wrong?

    Here are my Wondrous Words

  7. I'm so glad to read your favorable remarks about this book. I've entered a few contests & hoping I win a copy. We'll see.

  8. Persiflage has a nice ring to it, unfortunately I probably won't remember what it means.


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