Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Review: Sealed With A Ring by Mary Margaret Daughtridge

From the publisher: Sealed With a Ring follows medic Davy Graziano, sidelined after being wounded in action. He meets ambitious and beautiful JJ Caruthers, who has her own motives to quickly find a military husband that will be away on tour and never around. Davy surprised himself by accepting JJ's proposal, but soon after their marriage of convenience ceremony, they suddenly realize they're both falling fast for one another! Can the savvy business woman and dutiful military man put their rising passions aside, or can they find a formula to fall in love?

JJ had put her heart and soul into the family's car business and now her grandfather threatens to sell it if JJ is not married within a year. Not wanting to let go of the business and let down all Caruthers's employees, JJ plots to make a marriage of convenience. When her friend jokingly advises her to marry a Seal as they are rarely home, JJ thinks that is a good idea. A year ago at a wedding, JJ had met a navy Seal named David. The two shared an impetuous night of passion but the next morning went their separate ways.

When she runs into David at a get together, JJ proposes to him and he accepts. David is more than willing to marry JJ but he has some stipulations of his own if he goes through with the deal. What does he want? He wants her! He wants a real marriage. But can he convince JJ of that? The funny thing is she starts to fall for David and he for her but trying to get past the negotiations and dealing with the reality of David's injuries and his desire to resume his military duty is another thing.

Daughtridge spins a true love story that is not without its ups and downs. After a lot of painful heart searching, JJ learns a lot about herself and her grandfather while David comes to a few realizations of his own. Trying to get past their stubborness, they all finally learn what is truly important and that is one aspect of the book I liked; the characters were not portrayed in perpetual hold. They all showed some emotional growth.

Although I found the book to be a tad predictable at times, I certainly enjoyed the story. A few of the sex scenes were a little prolonged but that is just my personal opinion. Some readers will find they really like the play by play steamy action. Sealed With a Ring is not just a fluffy romance; there are a few interesting tidbits about traumatic brain injury along with post traumatic stress disorder. With a Vietnam veteran and Navy Seals woven into the story, the tale becomes all that more believable. For contemporary romance fans, this one is sure to be a winner.

Disclosure: A review copy of the book was provided by Sourcebooks, Inc. Thank you, Danielle!


  1. Danielle has a few too many books with shirtless guys..lol

  2. LOL: "Some readers will find they really like the play by play steamy action."

  3. Sounds great...prolonged sex scenes...what's wrong with that??????

    LOL!! :)

  4. I'm not much into the prolonged scenes and usually skip over them but I do like a book like this once in a while.

  5. I'm all for steamy action. Actually, not really.


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