Saturday, June 19, 2010

SM5 Saturday: A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand

Show Me 5 Saturday, a meme started by Alipet813, will give each blogger an opportunity to give a brief description of a book they have read or reviewed during the week. It will work like this: Each Saturday you will post the answer to these questions:

1. Title of Book: A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand

2. Words to describe the book: romantic fiction

3. Location or characters you met:

  • Claire Danner Crispin: local glass artist and mother of 4 who somehow gets roped into being a co-chair for the Nantucket Children's Summer Gala. The Gala is considered the grandest social fund raiser event of the summer and invitations are much coveted even though minimum donation is $1,000.00. Claire, who has not been doing any glass work for two years due to an accident in the "hot box" studio, is feeling adrift and unappreciated by her husband Jason. When she starts an affair with Lock Dixon, the Gala director, she puts herself, her career and her family on a very slippery slope.

  • Siobhan Crispin: Claire's best friend and sister-in-law who along with her husband runs a very upscale catering firm on the island. Siobhan may be Claire's best friend but still she has always felt a little bit of resentment towards Claire. Her impoverished Irish Catholic childhood still clings to her soul. When Siobhan finds out about Claire's affair with Lock, she is appalled and threatens to tell all to the whole town if Claire does not give up seeing Lock. Will this put a real wedge in the family that can ever be repaired? Will Siobhan snap Claire back to her senses?

  • Max West : now a huge music star but he was once just Matthew Westfield, Claire's first love. Since the Gala needs some high powered entertainment, Claire is asked to get Max to perform for the charity. Even though Max is an international icon he's set himself on a path to self destruction and self disillusion; he's virtually an alchoholic who is still in love with Claire and thinks he can win her back. What will Claire choose to do? And with whom?

4. Things you liked/disliked about the book:

  • Hilderbrand casts a wealth of diverse characters I thoroughly enjoyed.

  • I liked the many plot threads that were so deftly woven into the whole story; marriage, adultery, parenthood, stardom and addictions to just name a few.

  • The glass blowing aspect of the book was really interesting and gave Claire some real depth as a character as she struggled with her artistry and her husbands feelings toward her work.

  • All the characters and realistic dialogue rang true to me; Hilderbrand got their emotions, thoughts, hopes and dreams to easily come through the writing.

5. Stars or less for your rating. 4**** for this delightful, easy read perfect for lazy days at the beach.

Disclosure: Thanks to the county library system for the loan of this book.


  1. I love Elin Hilderbrand's books! Great review!!!

  2. I was recently at our library book sale and found two of this author's books for a quarter each! At that price, I couldn't pass them up ... especially since they seem like perfect summertime reads. (Just the covers alone make me feel like I"m on vacation.) If I like those, I'll have to look for this one too. Sounds juicy!

  3. Nantucket...did someone say Nantucket?
    I can't say I am at all familiar with this author but this one sounds nice.

  4. I've enjoyed the books I've read by EH. This is going on the list!

  5. I've read and enjoyed one Hilderbrand novel, so I'm looking forward to reading this one. Glad to see it's good.

  6. I've been aware of this author for quite some time. I love the covers they put on her books. Glad to hear that this one worked for you. I'll have to hunt up my copies of her books that I know are around here somewhere.

  7. I just discovered Elin's books and have read good reviews for this one.

  8. I havent read Hilderbrand's books so thanks for highlighting this author.

  9. I hope to read The Castaways soon, and if I like it, I'll probably read this one at some point. Glad to see you enjoyed it.


  10. I almost grabbed this one at the library the other day. Glad to know that when I do pick it up I have you to blame for it!! :)

  11. Hilderbrand is a great summer read author. Loved the review.

  12. Her books always sound soap-opera like to me, but I haven't actually read one. I guess I should give it a try

  13. I loved The Castaways and this looks like another promising book form her!


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