Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm not sad, I'm just a little blue.

Hmmmm . . . . . I always wondered why the color blue is associated with sadness. Does anyone know the origin of this? But that's not the real reason for this post.

Actually, I'm more than a little blue - I'm blue all over. My legs are blue, my head is blue; an absolutely gorgeous shade of cobalt blue. Even my antennae are blue. This is caused by a genetic defect. Now, most of my peers are greenish-brown but gather up approximately 2 million of us and chances are you will find that one rare blue one.
The last time we were on Cape Cod, we took a little day trip to Woods Hole where the famous Woods Hold Oceanographic Institute can be found.We visited there and then went to the nearby (within walking distance) Woods Hole aquarium to see this little guy. I think his picture came out really well considering I took it through the glass.
I know this isn't earth shattering or anything to do with books, but I just thought some of you might like to see a blue lobster. Wikipedia (scroll down to Mutations) has a pic of an even rarer lobster-it's yellow and the chances of finding one are 30 million to one! Now, that's rare!
Right about now I'd like to see a cooked one on a plate, but that's beside the point! So what do you think? Isn't he gorgeous?


  1. That's awesome!! I didn't know a lobster could be blue. very cool.

  2. I would hope anyone who catches a blue one would throw it back!

  3. isn't he pretty!
    now the question of sadness/blue, I have no idea and I couldn't really find an answer online.
    funny, I came out of work last evening and the sky was a perfect, beautiful blue color and I was thinking how pretty it can that, or a beautiful blue ocean invoke sadness?

  4. Wow...that is awesome. And I am with you on wanting one on my plate..except it would have to be red and fisherman's style.

  5. Really? A blue lobster? He looks spray painted. LOL And such a pretty blue. I'm not a big fan of lobster. I do like crab and I'm a sucker for salmon. He can stay around for this fish-eater.

  6. I think it is a TERRIFIC picture - and an excellent post :)

  7. Holy Cow! or better yet, Holy Lobster!! I have never seen a blue lobster before! And boy is that lobster blue! Fantastic picture, Kaye. Thank you for posting it!

    Have a very happy 4th! I'm glad to know you aren't actually feeling blue!


  8. I'm just not sure about a blue lobster. lol.

  9. I am not so sure I want to eat a blue lobster!

  10. I think he is spectacular. I couldn't imagine eating him! That would be a crime!

  11. He is gorgeous. I recall seeing one like him somewhere one time.

  12. Hi Kaye :)
    Ooooo, he is gorgeous. I wonder if he tastes :)

    When I started reading I thought you were actually the color blue...then I realized you didn't have least I don't believe so :) You know, there are people in the world that do have a genetic disorder that makes their skin blue like a Smurf. Interesting :)

    I came to wish you a Super Happy 4th of July!
    Have fun and stay safe :)
    Hugs and Love to you, Kaye!

  13. These are so rare, and I've only seen one live one in my lifetime. I just love them.

  14. I thought you had eaten too many blueberries and dyed your hair before realizing you were describing the lobster ;0)

    I've never been to the Woods Hole aquarium - though I have eaten right near there while bemusing a missed ferry. But I wasn't eating a lobster - blue or otherwise. The thought of boiling one to death makes me blue inside :0(


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