Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Update on the Update: I just tried one more thing and reverted to an old layout and I'll guess I'll stick with this. At least it is 2 columns. I can live with that.

Well, things have gone from bad to worse. I now have ONE freaking column instead of the two I had and the three I originally had. I thank all those who had suggestions and offered to look at it for me. I guess I gotta learn to love one column or just quit blogging. *Sigh*


  1. that is weird...and sad.
    But don't give up. anything can be fixed!!

    {{hope it is not contagious...}}

  2. I can leave a comment if I only click on your post...but if I click on the home tab within your blog it goes back to one column!

  3. I can only imagine how frustrated you must be!

    Don't give up blogging, lady. We need you and your penguins :D

    I clicked through my google reader and was able to comment. When I clicked your "Home" tab there was a dark background which made it almost impossible to read the text. Hang in there. It's got to get better.

  4. I'm sorry lady :( Updating the look and feel is always hard...I did my updates on a test site, and managed it that way...did you happen to save the original code?

  5. It's getting better! It's back to 2 columns and looks great. I bet tomorrow it will all be back the way it was. Maybe it was all a bad dream like that whole season of Dallas where Bobby got killed or whatever. *snicker*

    It will really be OK! :)

  6. :( Sorry I can't help but I had no clue how to change my own blog

  7. I see 2 columns - the sidebar on the left and the posts to the right - view is the same whether I am looking from your home page or within the dedicated post page.

    I have a Test blog that I use to tweak/change any layouts or designs before implementing on our real blog. That way I can practice and flail around without any down time or disruption outwardly.

    Did the Blogger Help Forum respond to you?

  8. Please please please let me try and help you!!! Add me as an author and let me try!!


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