Thursday, November 18, 2010

Review: Let's Eat by Denise Burroughs

Inspired by her her love of cooking and her Italian heritage, Denise Burroughs shares some of her family's most cherished recipes in Let's Eat.

One of the things I really appreciate in a cookbook is a large color picture and this book has quite a few. I think this would make a great cookbook for a beginner cook as there is a lot of info at the beginning that a novice  might not know such as baking substitutions and what equals what.

 Example: did you know a cup of cut up marshmallows is equal to 16 large marshmallows or 160 miniature?

Denise also includes a page on "is it done yet?" This is handy info if you need to know at what temperature a specific type of meat is done.  That's something I usually forget and have to find somewhere.

Most of the recipes are simple everyday recipes with virtually no exotic ingredients; no scrounging around looking for or purchasing something you might never need again. I found one recipe for "Hornet's Nest Cake" that sounds quite interesting and could be whipped up in no time. How could you not want to serve that to guests? Another recipe that sounds really good is "Grandma's Zucchini Stew" that can be cooked in a crock pot. Those are the kind of recipe I like these days!

From cornish game hens to casseroles to drinks recipes, Denise has included a nice variety of recipes. Be sure to read the "Growing up Italian" note from Denise at the end of the book. If you would like more info or to read several of Denise's recipes, you can visit her  website.

Disclaimer: A review copy of Let's Eat was provided by Pump Up Your Book!


  1. Ooh, zucchini stew sounds good to me!

  2. I too like food books! sounds good.

  3. I need those types of cookbooks with all the stuff explained and spelled out.

  4. I too am loving cookbooks without any exotic ingredients these days.
    I found it amusing, looking at her web site, that she is the owner of a 'paint and body' shop. Are we to assume auto paint and body?

  5. I reviewed this cookbook as well and there are some good recipes. I tried the Beef & Noodles which was very good. I had a few issues with measurements not being clear and it being a pretty small cookbook. I will be trying more recipes.


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