Friday, February 18, 2011

Extra! read all about it! Winner is announced!

Another winner is announced! Up for grabs to US only was a copy of Town in a Lobster Stew by B.B. Haywood. This time Random.Org picked #1 and the first elegible entry is Gigi Ann.  KarenB is the new winner. Hopefully she too  hasn't already bought the book.  Congrats! Another e-mail has been sent.

Didn't win this one? A giveaway for Haunting Jasmine (an excellent read btw) is open until 5 PM on feb 25th. See link in left sidebar. Two more cozies for giveaways will be available March 1st and March 6th.  Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks Kaye,

    You know last week while shopping at B&N, I noticed the book, and guess what I went ahead and bought it, my thinking was, I never win anything, so better buy it while I'm here. So maybe you can pick another winner, who will have the thrill of saying I WON!!!

    Thanks again Kaye.

  2. How funny that Gigi Ann bought the book already! It's obvious she's excited about it.

  3. Thanks for letting me know, Gigi Ann. I'll pick another winner.

  4. Thank you Kaye and Gigi Ann! I'm another greatgrandma who loves to read and enter book contests. Fortunately I haven't been book shopping lately except to add to my wish lists - and I can now delete this one!

    Karen B

  5. Congratulations Karen, so glad you will get to enjoy this book also. I just won another book today from Read It Forward. What is happening? Whatever it is I love it.


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