Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Review & Giveaway: Skeleton Letters by Laura Childs

Hardcover, 336 pages
Expected publication: October 4th 2011 by Berkley Hardcover

0425243893 (ISBN13: 9780425243893)
primary language English

Carmela Bertrand, owner of Memory Mine Scrapbooking Shop and her best friend, Ava Gruiex, owner of Juju Voodoo Shop, are both volunteering at St. Tristan's church one morning when they hear a blood-curdling scream and then spot a woman wrestling with a figure dressed in a brown robe complete with cowl. Carmela and Ava are not sure what is going on until the brown robed figure smashes a statue down on the head of the woman and then takes off.

Carmela and Ava are almost dumbstruck but quickly stir themselves into action, rushing toward the woman who is now slumped over on the floor. Despite Carmela's best resuscitation efforts, the woman is dead. Both Carmela and Ava are overcome with grief as they realize the victim is one of their good friends, Byrle Coopersmith. What a horrible way to go; killed by a statue of one saint in another saint's church. If you're not safe in church, where are you safe? Not only is her death a tragedy but a unique gold and silver crucifix is missing. Is it personal or was Byrle trying to stop a robbery and just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Since the murdered woman was such a good friend of Carmela and Ava, they naturally want to help in the investigation. Of course, the police tell them to back off even though the unlikely pair has been instrumental in helping to solve some of the murders in their New Orleans neighborhood.  But, they are determined to get justice for Byrle and let nothing get in their way. Well, almost nothing. Word gets out that they are poking around in the murder and their lives are in danger. If they could just figure out who has a vested interest in the antique crucifix  and with a little help from an unexpected source. . . . they might be able to solve the case.

Laura Childs always writes a fun cozy mystery and she has been one of my favorite authors over the years whether it is her Tea Shop series, the Scrapbooking series or her Cackleberry Club series. I always get the feeling I am right in the scene. Sometimes I figure out whodunnit, other times I don't and sometimes like this time, it takes me almost to the end of the book. It's an entertaining journey to the crime's solution anyway. Scrapbooking tips and several recipes are included at the end of the book.

For more info on Laura Childs, please visit her website or Facebook page. The link to Berkley below will also give you a chronological list of Laura's books.

To celebrate today's release of Skeleton Letters, Berkley is allowing me to host a giveaway for one copy of the book. Open to US only and the deadline to enter is October 14th at 5 PM (est). Please be sure to leave an e mail address in your comment. Good Luck!  Bonus entries available for this contest are as follows:

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Disclosure: A review copy of the book was provided by Berkley in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Don't enter me as I already have the book. I enjoy her series and am glad you liked this one.

  2. I love this series.

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  3. I would love to read this book.

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  4. thanks for this great giveaway. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. I love that this mystery features scrapbooking, as that is one of my favorite hobbies (after reading, of course) I am finding out there is a cozy for just about everyone! Great review on this one today!

  6. Sounds like a good mystery. Please enter me.

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  7. Love this series!

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  9. I love Laura Childs! She is a guaranteed winner with cozies.
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  10. Well written cozies are so much fun!

  11. I really enjoy this series by Childs and would love to be entered to win!

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  12. No need to enter me but I love the name "JuJu Voodoo."

  13. I have been wanting to try one of her books because of the scrapbooking aspect. I scrap but never have I killed anyone with my paper cutter!

  14. I'd love to win a copy of this book.

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  15. another awesome giveaway!! thank you!!!!

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  17. I would love to win this one!! I'm new to scrapbooking so this is very appealing to me. I also love New Orleans and will read anything set there!!

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  18. A favorite author of mine. Sounds like a winner to me!

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  19. I'm ashamed to say I've never read a Laura Childs book. I need to fix that since she has given you so many entertaining hours over the years. I like that this one requires you to stay alert till the very end. I'll add my name to the list.

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  20. great giveaway
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  21. I love cozies and wish I managed to read more of them. This is one series I'd love to start, this or the tea shop ones. No need to enter me.

  22. Thanks for the giveaway!
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  24. This seems like a fun one Kaye. I'd love a chance to win - thank you

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  25. Love her books. Thanks for the nice review and giveaway.

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