Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mini-reveiw: Orchestrated Murder by Rick Blechta

Paperback, 128 pages
Published October 1st 2011 by Raven Books
ISBN: 1554698855 (ISBN13: 9781554698851)

When Detective Pratt arrives at Symphony Hall to see what all the brouhaha is about, he is told that Luigi Spadini, the orchestra leader is dead; not of natural causes judging by the cello wire wrapped around his neck. Detective Pratt and his rookie squad member, Ellis, start the investigation in the normal way but are flummoxed when they find out the entire orchestra has confessed to his murder. Really? Seriously? I ccouldn't  get 4 people to agree on dinner, never mind getting a large crowd to lie about committing a major felony. A little implausible to say the least.

As it turns out, of course, everyone hated Spadini; admittedly a genius but he was a tough taskmaster, a womanizer and just a plain old SOB. It seems the orchestra members used to joke about the different methods of doing him in. I guess someone really meant it!

Even though Ellis is brand new in the department, he is skilled in technology while Detective Pratt is pretty much just putting in time until his retirement and thinks technology a waste of effort. Good old-fashioned police work should suffice. You guessed it! The rookie shows up the veteran detective.

Quite the clichéd plot we have here. No sense of place and with little character development along with a few weak plot points, this book was a "meh" read for me. The best thing about it is it's brevity.

Disclosure: A review copy of the book was provided by Raven Books/ LT in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. I really enjoy mysteries, but I'm sad to hear that this one was only mediocre! Nice review :)

  2. I have a very good blogging friend who would have called your reaction to this book a "mehcommendation". I think I will be skipping this one!

  3. At least I don't have to add this one to my wish list!

  4. The fact that an orchestra is involved really caught my eye. Sorry to hear the story wasn't so good. I think this is one I can skip!

  5. Oh no...sorry that this one wasn't up to standards for you! But I'm with least I won't be adding yet another book to blame on you!!


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