Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Review: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

Hardcover, 481 pages
Published October 9th 2012 by Atria

1439152802 (ISBN13: 9781439152805

In 1961, at a family birthday party, sixteen year old Laurel witnesses a strange encounter between a man and her mother that will become a heavy secret for years and years. Fast forward to 2011 when Laurel comes home to visit her dying mother. Finding an old photo from 1941 and listening to her mother's ramblings become clues to a mystery from her mother's past that Laurel feels compelled to solve.
"It suddenly seemed to Laurel that all the absence in her own life, every loss and sadness, every unexplained melancholy, took the shadowy form of the same unanswered question:something that had been there since she was sixteen years old-- her mother's unspoken secret."

Who are you, Dorothy?" she said beneath her breath, "Who were you, before you became Ma?"
The plot segues seamlessly between 1941, 1961 and 2011 as told alternately by Laurel and Dorothy. Never once did I feel like I was yanked out of one timeframe and abruptly thrust into another. Morton's writing is smooth as silk and just as luxurious. I've read reviews that say she is a little wordy. I disagree. I love the way she puts me in the scene and makes me aware of all the surroundings.

 Morton has the ability to draw me into her world immediately and keeps my interest in the plot and characters invested at all times. In every one of her books there has been a "twist" that I didn't see coming. I've now read every book Kate Morton has written and loved them all. The Secret Keeper is my second favorite one just a shade behind The Distant Hours, most likely my favorite read of 2012. 4.5****

Disclosure: A review copy of the book was provided by Netgalley/Atria  in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. I really loved this one. It was my first Kate Morton book and I can't wait to read all her others. Great review.


  2. Sounds really good, Kaye! Loved your review.

  3. I read The Distant Hours and didn't like it. I can't decide if I want to give Kate Morton another chance or not! Great review.

  4. I must must must read Kate Morton very soon. I have The Forgotten Garden on my shelves so I shall start with that.

  5. I don't recall ever reading a book by this author, but after reading your review, she looks like an author I need to try.

  6. This sounds wonderful! I loved the audio version of The Forgotten Garden, so will add this one to the list, too.

  7. I just started listening to this book. Glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Ive heard great things about this book!
    Thanks for your review!

  9. Great review! I hope to start it soon. You've made me very excited about it.

  10. I've only read one of her books, but I know I'll read the others eventually because I like the way she writes.

  11. I love d this book too. Kate Morton is fast becoming one of my favorite authors!

    Cheli's Shelves

    1. WOW...can't wait to get to my copy in December. (ooops that's now right? LOL)

  12. Can't wait to read this one...it sounds so good!

  13. I have had a few people recommend this one now and I have been dying to try her books for awhile. i really should stop procrastinating and do something about it :)

  14. I could not put the book down. At times I was confused about what was happening in the book, but that made my interest grow stronger.

    Micky Johnson (SEO Dallas)


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