Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday Snapshot

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It's starting to look a little like Christmas around here . . .  Cut way back on the decorations this year, just not totally into the holiday spirit, I guess. If this hadn't been done before yesterday, honestly, I don't think I would have bothered. Has the world gone mad? Such horror!

frost effect from picmonkey . . I like!

my favorite Christmas penguin

Normally have big floral arrangement but not this year

One of my first painting projects

Another not too successful painting project  but I still like it
How about at your house? Have you gone overboard this year, cut back or have you done the usual?


  1. Beautiful holiday vignettes! I think that Picmonkey is my favorite site....

    And, in the midst of horror, sometimes we really need the beautiful reminders of how things can be.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Some day I'll have a fireplace and mantle...until then, I'll be envious of yours!! Great photos!

  3. Your home is looking very festive-I have not done any decorating given I just returned home. I feel like a humbug.

  4. Very nice! I'm not in a festive mood this year either.
    Here's Mine

  5. Not successful? I love it. Your home is beautiful and I love the fireplace and mantle too!

  6. We've cut back some this year too. But did put up a tree and a few wall hangings. I love your Christmas china, that has been on my wishlist for years. Still wishing!

  7. I like your Christmas decor, Kaye. I've cut back quite a bit this year. The tree is up, some garland on the mantle, a few snowmen scattered around the house. That's about it. I like it.
    Yes, after yesterday I'm feeling so sad for the people of Newtown.

  8. Very pretty decorations, and love the inclusion of penguins!

    We've done all of the normal decor, thankfully put up at the beginning of December. I was at a chess match today with my kids, surrounded by other school kids and parents. I saw one dad hugging his little girl again and again, and she said, "Dad, your hugging too tight." And I sat there and tried not to cry thinking of all those kids, as I'm sure he was.

    I spent the day with my kids and took a nap - no news for me until they're back in school.

  9. Thanks for sharing some fo your decorations, Kaye. I brought up my tree and some of the many decorations the week after Thanksgiving. I set out quite a few pieces, but there are even more still packed away. There are some items I put out every year, but others I tend to rotate, depending on my mood that year.

    1. Me too, Heather. Some years I'm in the mood for full blown out decorations and other years I'm not so inclined. Have a wonderful holiday!

  10. We're going to get a tree today, so I suspect it will soon look more Christmasy. Here's Mine

  11. Since we bought our house last year, I've been able to do a little more decorating than usual. Nothing innovative...I'm not very imaginative! But a little more here and there every year.

  12. What great decorations. I particularly like your penguin and that last pot is wonderful.

  13. With a kid, you have no choice but to do the level of decorating that they deem "acceptable." I hear you though … a lot of my Christmas spirit went out the window after the events in CT on Friday.

  14. I only have a few Christmas things out. I'm happy enjoying other people's decorations.

  15. Very festive! enjoy your Christmas!


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