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Review & Giveaway : Oolong Dead by Laura Childs

Well, you saw it here on Cover Attraction, then it was on Tueday Teaser and now, at last, ta da..... the review! That is what you have been anxiously awaiting, right? Oh, you want a chance to win a copy, too. Okay, we can do that. Laura has generously offered a copy of her new book, Oolong Dead, which has already hit the NY Times best seller list, to one lucky winner. This is the tenth in her teashop series.
During the Charleston point to point race, Theodosia Browning has a slight mishap when she takes a tumble off her horse. Although she is quite winded from the fall, she begins to take stock of herself. Nothing feels broken and she can move okay, so why does she see blood ? As she looks around, she sees the body of a woman. Upon closer look, Theodosia realizes it is Abby Davis, local t.v. reporter who also happens to be the sister of Theodosia's former boyfriend, Jory Davis. Although the last time she saw Abby, she did not have a bullet hole in her forehead!
Even though Theodosia is the owner of the very successful Indigo Tea Shop in Charleston's historic district, she always finds time to do her part in fundraising for the arts and historical societies. She, along with her staff; Drayton, tea master extraordinaire and Haley, the young baker, host many a tea for these events. Theodosia has another talent and that is amateur sleuth. In the past she has managed to solve several of Charleston's mysteries, much to the chagrin of Burt Tidwell, chief of police.
So, when Tidwell actually suggests she do a little snooping at the funeral services, and Jory, the victim's brother, asks her to help find the murderer, Theodosia just can't say no. Between running the tea shop and preparing for the Verdi masked ball to be held in the opera house, Theodosia is one busy lady.While investigating who might have wanted Abby dead, Theodosia discovers that there is certainly more than one person. There are a lot of heart stopping moments as Theodosia is unwillingly spirited out of the ball by a masked man, finds a very old skeleton , then is later trapped in the dusty cellar of a crumbling mansion and finally has a close call run-in with Abby's murderer.

 Childs supplies lots of credible motives and suspects, keeping the reader guessing throughout. This is one cozy that will get your attention and keep it throughout!One of the many delightful parts of this series is the tea shop itself. Childs has created a homey type ambiance with such wonderful characters, it is easy to imagine this shop actually exists. Her descriptions of the other shops and their proprietors in the historic district, along with the surrounding low country, create a very believable backdrop. It is the characters that have kept me coming back book after book with their diversity and appeal. It is like having a splendid luncheon with very dear friends. As always, at the end of the book, Laura has included some scrumptions recipes Haley cooked up for the tea shop and some clever ideas for tea parties with a theme. I have read every one in the series and they always manage to charm and delight me. Highly recommended. For it's genre, I rate the book 5*****.
If you are not aware of the different elements in a cozy as compared to other mysteries, here is a wonderful web site that explains it all.
The author's website with info on all her series can be found here.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Now for the contest rules:
So, since we're having a little cyber tea party, and Ms. Nottso dressed up for the contest, your official entry is to tell me what kind of tea you would want served at a teaparty AND if you would wear a hat, gloves, pearls or all three. Now, isn't that a lot more fun than just "enter me in the drawing" ?

For a second chance: become a follower or remind me if you already are. That counts too!

For a third chance : post a link on your contest sidebar
Leave me a way to contact you also. Winners will notified by e mail.

That's it, you're done. See how easy that is. Deadline to enter is 5 PM on April 4th. Residents of US & Canada only. No P.O. Boxes, please. Good luck !


  1. Oh - I would love to be entered in this contest not only because the book cover is lovely - but because I do greatly enjoy this series of cozy mysteries.

    When I read my first tea shop mystery I became very interested in tea and so wanted to find a "tea shop" in the Kansas City area, but so luck.

    So, if I had to pick my favorite cup of tea it would have to be the Jane Austen blend served at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England. I took a group of students there to visit and have a typical English tea. We had cucumber sandwiches, the most delicious orange cake, and scones with clotted cream.

    As for the "formal" attire...I am more of a jeans and t-shirt gal myself. BUT...for high tea I think I would bring out the simple strand of pearls for added sophistication.

  2. I love this contest idea! I am a huge tea lover and I can't believe I haven't read any of this series yet!

    I can't begin to list just one tea as a favorite, but I'd probably serve Double Bergamot Earl Gray. And I'd make mess with the gloves and tea, but I'd definitely wear some pearls!

  3. I'm not a big tea drinker, but my favorite kind of tea is Rose Hip, so I'd serve that. I'd wear pearls, but I'd skip the hat and gloves - I do not look good in hats. milou2ster(at)

  4. I love Laura Childs books!

    My favorit tea is Earl Grey. But if I was to host a tea party. I would have several samples out to tease everyones taste buds. I think it would be so fun to dress the part, with dresses, gloves, hats, and pearls. I have never done that before.

    Thanks for the sign up.

  5. I love Oolong with a meal, but for a tea party I'd choose white jasmine. And I would definitely wear a hat (Ilook for any excuse).
    I am also passing along a Sisterhood Award to you.

  6. I LOVE cozies - and yet I've missed this series. Please enter me.

    I'd love to have a nice English Breakfast Tea at the party. And, I think I'll just wear the pearls. Hats look silly on me, and I'd just make a mess with the gloves.

    I'm following you with my Google reader.

    dulcibelle (at) earthlink(dot)net

  7. How do I choose one tea? I think I might go for something fruity, there is a tea called Lady Londonderry that is strawberry and lemon that I really like. As for what I would wear, just the pearls I think. I have yet to find a hat that looks good on me and I would just get stains on the gloves.

    I put this contest in my sidebar.


  8. How fun! I have been to 'high tea' a couple times with my daughter...a fun holiday tradition we started a few years ago with a group of friends. Mommies and daughters. I'm a no frills tea tea is my fave. No sugar, but cream or milk is it's really strong.

    I love to wear hats at tea, and I've worn a red boa once! That was spicy and fun!!! No pearls, but maybe gloves if they were lacy.

    I will have to look for this first in this series. It sound right up my alley!

  9. I'd love to enter. Your review was wonderful and this book sounds great.

    I'd serve plain old Red Rose tea because at the end of the day that is still my favorite. I'd definitely do all three-hat, gloves and pearls. It would be fun to play dress up for a tea party.

    Oh, and I'm already an avid follower. lol.

  10. Chai Tea and I would wear a hat, but not gloves because I can't keep them clean! :)

    Please enter me and thanks!

    wendyhines (at) hotmail (dot) com

  11. I posted this on Win A Book. Don't enter me in the contest though.

  12. I would love to win this book... it sounds great. If I were at a tea party, I would want Earl Grey tea with lemon... it's my favorite. I would wear pearls and gloves, but I look ridiculous in hats.


  13. I'd want Earl Grey tea. I would wear all three. What fun!!!!

  14. I am very fond of Earl Gray, but since that is well represented, I will stick with my everyday favorite, a very strong, simple Irish Breakfast. I will also make some scones and bring some homemade black current jam my cousin in Ireland made.

    Sorry, no gloves or hat or pearls..

    And I do follow you on Google Reader.

    I love mysteries, and I love cozies and I love tea...and I would really love to win! ;-)

  15. Right now I am really into a mint and lemongrass tea, but I've loved orange spice tea for years.

    Since I'm not really a hat and gloves type of girl, I'll go with pearls only. I have some chartreuse ones I could break out just for the occasion, ha, ha!

    jgbeads AT gmail DOT com

  16. I would love to come to the tea party. I love peppermint tea and I'll definitely wear pearls, maybe a hat but no gloves...LOL!
    I'm a happy new much fun over here!
    My e-mail is

    Oh, #3, I'll put you in my sidebar :)
    Fun, Fun, Fun....I love this!

  17. Thanks for stopping by and for your support! I just became a follower too!!...oh and let's see
    Twinings Breakfast Tea please, and I'd definitely go with the pearls!
    So Fun!

  18. I would wear none of the three. :D I would have black curtains and red velvet and black iron candle fixtures. Coffins. Gargoyles. Not the pink and pretty sort of tea party. And I like green tea the best.

    I also follow!


  19. OOoo! This is my type of contest, as you can tell from my name :P

    I loved reading about the interesting tea parties everyone else would throw! If I had my choice of any type of tea I would love an Autumnal Darjeeling, but that can be hard to find. Or a really spicy Yunnan tea. With scones of course, something ginger, and something rhubarb. Those are the essentials. Pearls yes, gloves no. Hats? I will if everyone else is :P

    I have read one or two of her books, but not this one yet. Thank you for this contest!

  20. I'd love an Early Grey with plenty of milk and sugar. I'm fully into adulterated tea. :) Some butter cookies and scones would be a lovely addition as well.

    No pearls or gloves for me, but a hat might be nice if it were an outside part.

    Thanks for entering me!


  21. I would want chamomile tea and I would wear pearls, but not a hat or gloves. Please enter me. Thanks!


  22. For my tea party, I would serve Vanilla Chai, served oer ice.
    I would wear a hat - a spring hat and lace fingerless tip gloves and perhaps not pearl pearls, yet some fun funky colored pearls that would go well with the hat...oh what fun!!! I would serve shortbread cookies and strawberries dipped in chocolate.
    Thanks so much,
    darbyscloset at yahoo dot com

  23. Is it ghetto to say that I would serve sweet tea :D LOL I would love to wear a hat but I'll pass on the pearls and gloves.Fun way to enter.

  24. I'd love some kind of fruity tea to drink with my pearls, hat, and gloves.

  25. Oh, I'd be fine with plain old Red Rose Black Tea(the Canadian blend and not the American one). Add in a bit of milk(2% or whole) and I'd be a happy camper.

    I'd love to wear a hat, gloves and pearls but I don't own a suitable hat and I'd probably be so klutzy as to knock it askew at some point. So, pearls and gloves. :)

  26. i would like Chai Tea
    I would love to dress up in gloves and a fancy hat that seems so fun

  27. I think a unique tea party would include Chai tea served in little oriental cups, with gloves to add a classic touch!

  28. Please remember to leave me an e mail address, Thanks!

    Ms. Nottso Pudgy appreciates it!

  29. Oh Imust enter this one. I absolutely love tea cozies.

    For my tea I would have to pick White Peach Oolong even though I do like the White Peony also. Maybe have some finger sandwiches or cranberry scones with it.

    As for the attire, hmm....I have white, pink and gray pearls. Ahh the choices. Would probably go with the white along with white gloves that button at the wrists and a small delicate hat adorned with lily of the valley or jasmine flowers woven in amongst pastel ribbons.

  30. Hi, Kaye! I just gave you an award so come get it when you can at

    AND I would like to enter as well. I would like raspberry tea and I would wear a hat as it is the only thing I can say I look good in. Sorry, gloves too hot (live in FL, remember?) and pearls...don't have any!

    I also follow! Congrats on the award!

  31. My first time here, and what a cool intro to your blog!
    I would love to sip some single estate Early Gray, wearing a beautiful hat, but no pearls since my name is not June and no gloves since they would get full of crumbs!

  32. I've become a penguin follower. I can be reached via my blog or at mayamissaniATyahooDOTca

    and thanks for the link to difference between cozy mystery and others

  33. My favorite tea is Constant Comment orange spice tea. I'm a pretty casual person so for the tea party I'd wear the pearls, but not the hat & gloves.

    Please count me in - Thanks!

  34. i think i will have early gray and wear 3 strands of pearls a hat with large feathers and white wrist length gloves thanks for the giveaway

  35. I am not a sophisticated tea drinker unfortunately so I prefer sweet tea the best. If I am invited to your virtual tea party I would dress to the nines in my party hat and gloves!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    whitten100@ yahoo dot com

  36. I'd probably serve Earl Grey tea, and I'd likely wear pearls but not the hat and gloves!

    Great contest--thanks!

  37. Love to have this.
    I would serve peppermint tea. Its my favorite. Of course I would wear a hat and pearls. No gloves. I dont want to drop anything.



  38. Hope you are having a good weekend. I honored you with an award today :)

  39. I would want Rooibos Vanilla tea served at the tea party and I would definitely wear gloves :)
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  40. I love raspberry tea and I would wear gloves. Loved the tea party.

  41. What a creative idea! I'd love to read this book. I love tea so a cyber tea party would definitely include English Breakfast tea with lots of milk and sugar. I would definitely serve tea in my beautiful English teapot with matching teacups and saucers. Scones and raspberry jam and lemon squares would be wonderful additions. I'm not a hat and gloves kind of gal but I would wear pearls!

    I am a penguin follower in my google reader.

    I'm blogging about this giveaway in my sidebar.


  42. I'd wear all 3 and serve Rose Hip

    jdmimi at gmail dot com

  43. I'm not too into hats, but for a tea party?? I'd wear all three!! And I'd love to serve peppermint tea - it's my fave! I joined your follower list, too!

  44. Hi Kaye! I would so love to win this book. I had one of the books in this series and had to return it to the library before I could finish it! I LOVE tea and one of my faves is the Silver Needle White Tea because it is beneficial to people with heart issues, like myself! Thanks for entering me in your giveaway!

  45. Earl Grey and pearls- classic!

  46. Hehe, thanks for reminding me about your contest that I missed! I'm going to update that post now... well, I don't like tea so I'd probably be serving iced tea at my garden party, lol. I'm a follower, and I'm putting this in the sidebar and the post! Thanks, Kaye! :)

    stephxsu at gmail dot com

  47. Earl Grey adn of course I would wear hat, gloves and pearls. It would be fun.

    carolsnotebook at yahoo dot com

  48. I would definitely do it up and wear all three. Pearls, hat, gloves. It would be fun. I've visited a tea salon here in NYC and did tea while I was visiting Dublin- great fun! My favorite of late is peppermint green tea.

  49. Oh..I want a chance to win this one!

    I'm not much of a tea person, so I would probably go with mint. or maybe raspberry.

    I have a pair of pearls, so count me in on wearing those! I don't have a decent hat or gloves to wear (I'm sure you don't want me wearing my winter gloves and hat - can you imagine that...and with pearls on! lol!)

    I added you to my google reader, so I'm now a subscriber.

  50. I don't know much about tea so i'll go with the stand by Earl Grey and yes, we would have finger sandwiches, scones, and all that stuff. Hats would be fun but no gloves!!

    I follow you, Google reader too and I'm posting your giveaway in my sidebar!!

  51. Well, I am an herbal tea drinker, and love peppermint or any kind of mint. Sure, why not go for hat, gloves and pearls.

    I have not read any of this series, but they sound great. Would love to win this.

  52. Lipton's Russian Earl Grey-which you can only get in Europe. Gloves and a hat-of course-Jackie O knew her fashion. I love high tea.

  53. Hi!
    I'm all about just plain ol tea...but decaf!
    And I'd so wear pearls! ;)

  54. I don't drink tea, so I'd probably have a raspberry lemonade, hot scones loaded with dried apricots, cranberries and walnuts, topped with that wonderfully creamy scone topping, mmmm, my mouth is watering!

    I'd just wear my sunday best.

    I've read one cosy mystery, I can't recall the title at the moment; but I will add this series to my tbr list! Thanks for the tip.

    I don't follow, but I read your page everyday as it pops up on my blog roll--does that count? I don't check my dashboard so I can't see the purpose of listing myself as a follower.

    I love reading your words!

  55. Popped over from Life in the Thumb, and yes, I'd love to join this cozy party for tea -- Early Grey for me, if you please.

    In 'real' life I'm not a hat wearer (never found one that doesn't make me look shorter than I am already), but I'd love to wear my pearls.

  56. What a lovely book - and I adore autographed works.

    My current favorite tea is something called Chocolate Creme from Tea Source - it has cocoa nibs and bits of vanilla bark. Very tasty.

    Hat, yes. Gloves, never. Pearls, depends on the season.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  57. I would serve Darjeeling black tea and Japanese green tea and would want people to dress in saris or kimonos or approximations thereof.

    I am reachable at

    and yes, I have reviewed Laura Childs on my blog - Chamomile Mourning to be exact. I love her teashop mysteries.

  58. By the way, I am also now following you. Do I get an extra chance? Pretty please?

  59. Great contest!

    I would love for wild berry tea to be served! And I think that I would were all three, gloves, pearls, and a hat, and they would all be the color purple, with a matching purple dress!

    I am now going to follow your blog!

  60. And one more thing, I added this contest to my sidebar here:


    (copy and paste links together)

  61. I added myself to your "follower" list

  62. Hat and pearls, yes. Gloves, no as I'd want to show off my diamond rings while pouring Earl Grey Tea. Love a good mystery! Enter me please.

    espressogurl at hotmail dot com

  63. I'd love to enter :-) email addy is

    Well, I've never been a hat person, and I'm a bit clumsy so gloves and a slick china cup full of piping hot liquid might not be a good mix, but since June is my birthday month and pearl birthstone, I'd wear pearls to our cybertea :-D

    I've also signed up as a follower.

  64. Oh dear it has been such a long time since I have had a good tea. One of my favorites is Constant Comment by Bigelow. My father introduced me to it when I was in my teens and though I love my Dunkin Donuts coffee, it will always have a special spot in my heart.

    Now I am lucky to not have had anyone swipe my pearls but it actually almost happened. When I was 18 I saved up to buy my own pearl necklace and it took a year (because I also had bills) but I finally got a lovely pearl necklace. I wore it frequently but it was especially a pleasure to wear it as my "something old" at my wedding (21 years later). If you look on my blog you can see the photo. Six months after my husband and I married, our home was broken into and the theives stole all my jewelry. Somehow they missed a few pieces. One piece was that pearl necklace. Was I happy! So totally I would be sporting those babies!
    I would not wear gloves, but I love a hat. So maybe I could find a nice lil bonnet.

    I also would be eyeing some cakes and cookies!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!



  65. I follow you!


  66. Wow, a mystery with a tea shops and a tea master in it, that is so cool. I will have to look into these for some fun reading. So glad Molly won one of the prizes. I've been sick for a month and didn't get around to everyone's blog. I'll have to read more of your posts when I'm not so tired. I'm so keen about all these tea comments. Love your blog's look, as always. And the penguin headlines in the winner announcement are cute too. I've got a great giveaway going if it interests you. I really like my books to go to my regulars and you're one of my favourites. Take care.

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