Friday, January 8, 2010

Review: Stirring Up Strife by J.B. Stanley

Cooper Lee, 32 year old repairer of office machines has recently had her heart broken by long time boyfriend Drew. After 5 years of being together, he drops her for another woman. Cooper moves back in with her family and half-heartedly tries to get her life back on track.

During her her first service call of the morning at a credit card fraud unit, Cooper and the head of the fraud department, Brooke Hughes, exchange confidences. Although this is highly unusual for Cooper she feels better after talking to Brooke and telling her about her search to get some semblance of a life back. Brooke gives her a brochure about the Hope Street Church bible study group and encourages Cooper to give it a try.

Several weeks later, Cooper decides to try the new church and during her first session there, she learns that Brooke has been found murdered and that her husband, Wesley, is the main suspect. The group is appalled that the police could think Wesley would have anything to do with the murder as he and Brooke seemed like such a loving couple. So they put their heads together to try to figure out who the real culprit is. It won't be easy but they all feel the need to do something to help.

The Hope Street group embrace Cooper as one of their own as they work to solve the mystery. Cooper's father with his love of puzzle solving even gets in on the act. What Cooper also finds along the way is a new group of diverse friends, a possible love interest and a positive new outlook on life. Just what she needs!

J.B. Stanley has come up with another wonderful bunch of characters in a unique setting. Most bible study groups are not trying to be amateur sleuths on the side! A fun new mystery series that was truly an enjoyable read. Although I did figure out part of it, there was a real twist in there that totally eluded me. 3.5***

Note: This is the first in the Hope Church series. Be on the lookout in April and September for books two and three. J.B. Stanley is also the author of the Supper Club series and the Deadly Dealer series. J.B. has guest posted here several times and has always been one of my most favorite authors. To see reviews of her books, see here and here. I've also featured her in Teaser Tuesday which can be seen here. You'll laugh out loud! For a Tuesday Teaser from this book, Stirring up Strife see here.

Disclosure: A review copy of this book was provided by the author. Thank you so much , Jennifer.


  1. I like the idea of a Bible Study group trying to solve a murder!! This kind of book is right up my alley!

  2. This sounds really different. I'll keep this in mind.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  3. This does sound like a fun new mystery series!

  4. You are the Cozy Queen! I always defer to your expertise. You have the best reviews!

    LOVE your tip from Maxine in your sidebar!! She tells it like it is!


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