Saturday, November 29, 2008

Review: Eggs in Purgatory by Laura Childs

A big thank you to Laura Childs for sending me an advance copy of her new book, Eggs in Purgatory, the first in her new series.

In her new series, The Cackle berry Club, Laura Childs has created some very likeable new characters. We are introduced to the recently widowed Suzanne, Toni, who is in process of divorcing Junior and Petra, whose husband is in a nursing home due to Alzheimers. These three talented and winsome ladies operate a café specializing in breakfast egg dishes with tea and goodies being served in the afternoon. Part of their commercial venture, set in the small Midwestern town of Kindred, is a book nook and a yarn shop.

However, all is not placid as one morning,Suzanne, while letting Baxter the dog out, happens to see the local lawyer Bobby Waite sitting in his truck - dead! After almost witnessing a second murder in town and hearing about the break in at Bobby’s law office, where files about her late husband Walter are missing ,Suzanne feels she needs to help Sheriff Doogie find out who committed the crimes. Even though the mayor says he has proof Walter was involved and may have embezzled 4million dollars, Suzanne can not believe that it is true. This undertaking is not quite the piece of cake she had imagined. It seems there are numerous suspects with as many motives and they are all entwined together.

Childs has such a wonderful way with descriptions, this sounds like a place you would dearly love to visit and try all the fanciful egg dishes, partake of afternoon tea and maybe find a good mystery while browsing in the book nook. Her creation of a deliciously woven plot with well developed and plausible characters will keep the reader entertained and surprised all the way to the end. The suspense builds with numerous twists and turns as Suzanne and friends try to figure out all the clues. There are numerous heart warming moments between the three women along with several very interesting sub-plots. Throw in a few laugh out loud moments, a host of fun peripheral characters and you have the recipe for a successful new series.

One of the highlights of a Laura Childs’ book is the inclusion of scrumptious recipes at the end. Laura Childs is also the author of the Tea Shop and the Scrapbooking series. For cozy fans, this is a highly recommended read. 4****

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