Sunday, November 30, 2008

Review: Perfect on Paper by Maria Murnane

Maria Murnane was very generous and kind in sending me a copy of her new book, Perfect on Paper. Thank you so much Maria, for such a fun read!

Everything is perfect! He’s handsome, rich, smart and comes from a very impressive family. What more could a girl want? For one thing, for the wedding to actually happen, not for him to back out just 2 weeks before the fairy-tale day. I was drawn in immediately with the contrasts between Waverly and her fiance. This was a good way to set up the scenario and it definitely worked.

With a broken engagement behind her and a broken heart to be mended, Waverly Bryson tries to retreat from the land of the dating until her two best friends McKenna and Andie try to get her out of her funk. This effort involves blind dates, yuk! Some are just plain horrible while some are barely tolerable. Some of these scenarios will have you laughing out loud. Murnane shows her incredible sense of humor through out the entire book. At one gathering, Waverly looks over the crowd and says, “just like straight off the rack at Nerds R Us.” There is plenty more where that came from.

I liked the way Murnane builds up Waverly’s character. She has a conflict in her feelings with her father and the emotion in this shows clearly. The dialogue between Waverly and her two best friends is always witty, while still being caring. I found it very plausible with only one quibble. Do almost thirty year olds say they would like to meet “cute boys”? I would think by that age they would be looking for “hot men”. But this is only a small annoyance because over all the book is very good.

Murnane creates a character you want to root for as this book made me smile, laugh and at times groan out loud. Waverly learns to discover her true inner self and comes to the realization that she needs to do what makes her happy, not what others think should make her happy. Out of what seemed like the end of her world in the beginning, came a lot of good for the future. Perfect on Paper is perfect for those who like humor and chick lit with some real substance to it. I give it 4 ½ *****

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  1. Holy penguins, you've been busy! Every review is so good! I want to read all of these books. I can't wait to get started on Maria's book especially. Great job as always!!


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