Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bookshelf Meme

I just got tagged by Popin for a Bookshelf Meme

1. What is the book that has been on my shelf the longest?

Marcella, A Raggeddy Ann Story that I have had since 1949. (I was 3 yrs old, you do the math) If you came up with as old as dirt, you got it!

2. What is a book that reminds me of something specific in my life?

My life has been pretty routine and to tell you the truth I can't think of a book that comes to mind easily.

3. What is a book I acquired in an interesting way?

This probably isn't interesting but I inherited 2 books called Spain and the Spaniards Vol 1 & 2 that were published in 1895 from my father's cousin. She was a missionary in Japan in the early 1900's. The most interesting family member I can claim.

4. What is the book that has been with me the most places?

That would be 101 Famous Poems. I had an absolutely dog-eared paper back copy and one year for Christmas, my husband replaced it with a new hard cover copy. Oh,joy!

5. What is a bonus book that I just want to talk about?

I just finished The Piano Teacher and I really liked that story. Good debut novel.

Okay, so now I have to tag other bloggers for this. I tag


Mary at Bookfan-Mary

Anyone else who is interested, feel free to take the meme!


  1. The UPS man delivered The Piano Teacher to me today. I can't wait to read it!. I'll have to think about this meme so watch for my post : )

  2. Hey my penguin-loving friend. Just noticed your penguin counter seems to be counting too fast. Please tell me there's not just 3 days until Christmas!

  3. Love the Santa shoes! How seasonal! This meme sounds fun. I'll work on that later. December is going much too fast for me!

  4. Well, I'm so behind I can't believe it. I don't think I'm going to be able to do the meme after all. Not enough time right now. Maybe another time. Thanks for thinking of me : )


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