Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Review: The Lit Report by Sarah N. Harvey

Seventeen year old Julia always seems to do the right thing. She’s good in school,loves the classics and always tries to be practical and responsible. Then there is Ruth, Julia’s best friend since age four. Although they are very close, Ruth is not too good in school and does not always do what is right or practical. It’s an amazing dynamic they have going. Between the two of them they usually manage to make some right choices, that is, until Ruth finds out she is pregnant. Julia, pragmatic as ever, immediately comes up with plan A and then plan B and possibly even plan C, just as she always does. Julia cares about her friend Ruth and sticks by her side no matter what anyone else says or does. Ruth certainly has her mean moments but in the end she shows her true colors. This is a wonderful story of two friends who find themselves on the cusp of adulthood when they are forced into growing up in a big hurry. Who knew that the result would be the right one when Ruth opts for a different plan altogether.

Harvey has created some really likeable characters in this tale. The characterizations are well done and it seems easy to get into the head of the narrator, Julie. I like the way Harvey has incorporated a lot of humor along with some heart wrenching moments into the story. Julia sounds exactly like a 17 year old would at most times, but then at other times she acts more responsibly and sensitively than some of the adults in the story. Some of the plot scenarios might be just a little too coincidental, but even so, it seems to work. Both girls learn a lot about themselves and also learn a lot about the true feelings of the adults in their lives. Especially Julia, she learns she can’t always plan the future down to the last detail. Things seem to have a way of changing and as her mother always says, "to everything there is a season. "

This was not only a fun read but a thought provoking one. I think this would be a good book for a book club or mothers and teenage daughters, as there are many avenues for discussion. Although it’s a fast paced, easy read, it is also definitely delightful with a lot of heartwarming moments, a well balanced book.


  1. Oh, this sounds really good! I haven't heard of it before but I'll be reading it. Great review!

  2. sounds like a good read! I like friendship books... where girls / women stick together. Thank you


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