Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Review: My Little Girl by Tim McGraw & Tom Douglas

When Katie’s dad promises her a “spectacular day” for just the two of them, Katie starts to imagine all sorts of fun things. Her big decision is what to wear, maybe a tiara if they are going to the ball or her jungle boots if they go to Africa. After all, spectacular means big! It turns out her father had something different in mind, nothing in particular, just being together. Katie starts to think some of this will be boring until she sees adorable bunnies and chicks at the co-op. Dancing with the ducks, looking at the clouds while seeing special images in them and going out to lunch with just her Dad turns out to be pretty spectacular after all. A loving good night story to his little princess tops off the day.

This is a delightful story any little girl would enjoy. The pages are quite large with nice big pictures in every little girl’s favorite colors, pink and purple. The beautifully done illustrations should provide any little girl thoughts for her own imagination. Faith Hill writes a lovely forward to the book saying that books are the gateway to a child’s imagination and that her hope is this book will provide memories for fathers and daughters as they read together. At the end is a message from Tim McGraw with the same hope. There is a space for writing your own special day moments. An overall feel good book with lots of love from the parents of three special little girls of their own. 4****

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  1. This is adorable! I love Tim McGraw and Faith Hill and this book is perfect for the holidays.


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