Thursday, February 12, 2009

Review: Waggit Again by Peter Howe

Waggitt the dog was abandoned in Central Park when he was a pup, adopted and then abandoned again to a working farm. Waggit decides he has had enough of this type of hurt so he escapes the farm trying to find his way back to the park and reunite with his team. He is found by Felicia who, amazingly enough, can speak "dog". Waggit shares his story with her and together,they set out to find his old home.

Their journey is not easy with quite a few scary adventures on the road. Eventually, they find their way closer to the park and even pick up a new friend along the way. The three of them take an exciting ride on a train and then catch a ride in a big truck with one of Felicia's old friends. With a little bit of luck and a lot of hope, they eventually find their way to the park. Although Waggit's group of dog friends are still there, there are a lot of other changes. There are some frightening moments between two teams of dogs but Waggit and his friends stick together learning a lot about bravery, teamwork and friendship. With some surprising discoveries ,Waggit learns a lot of valuable new lessons about himself and the way of the world.

This book is geared to children aged ten and up, fifth grade reading level . Howe does a great job keeping up the suspense as to what happens to Waggit and friends. Even though the book has 300 pages, it is an easy read with age appropriate vocabulary. Each chapter is headed up with some finely detailed ink drawings of dogs. A really nice book with some wonderful messages that should appeal to parents. The story should highly appeal to children, keeping their interest throughout the entire book. After all, what child does not love a dog?

Publishing date is April 28th. No cover art is available at this time. Thank you to the generosity of Harper Collins for the opportunity to read this fine book.

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  1. I was so disappointed in Harper. I received the first Waggit's Tale and so loved it. My grandson in third grade read it and his other grandmother also. We all loved it. I plan to give copies to his library when Waggit Again comes out.


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