Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Silly Valentine Story

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Hi, it's Paul, what are you doing tonight?"

"Not much, why, what's up?"

"My brother is home for the weekend and Dad says I can't use the car to see Christine unless my brother can go, so I have to get him a date!"

"Yeah, sure, why not."

"Thanks, see you around 7. Bye"

Fast forward to drive-in movie. Yes, this was when there were drive-ins!
Intermission time and I am in the front seat with my blind date Tony, when we hear from the back seat:

"You know, Paul, tomorrow is Valentine's day. I hope you didn't forget."

"Don't worry, I would never forget. I got you something special but I'm not giving it to you until tomorrow. You'll just have to wait."

Front seat, scintillating conversation continues as my date, Tony, says,
"oh, yeah, it is Valentine's day, I'll be going back to the base , so, um, well, here's . . . . . . . .

a nickel."

"Gee, uh, thanks."

Another fast forward to next Valentine's eve. I got an anniversary card from my fiance with, you guessed it, a nickel in it. That was 43 years ago and every year I get an anniversary card the day before Valentine's day with a nickel for every year. Silly story, yeah, but it still warms my heart!

Happy Valentine's day, everyone!


  1. As it's now warming mine! That was a great story, so lovely. Brings tears to my eyes. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. So sweet! And very romantic! He's a keeper. And he's good at fixing computers too! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Aw that is cute...sorry since I don't really know you did you marry Tony?

  4. Aww...I love that story. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That's so sweet! Although what happened with Paul and his date?? Did he really have a present for her?

    We still have a drive-in around's one of just a few left in the state.

  6. Oh that is a fantastic story.. warmed my hear too.

  7. I love your story! So sweet. Happy Valentine Anniversary : )

  8. Yes, Cindy, I did marry Tony.

    Softdrink Paul and Christine had the fairy tale romance,courtship and wedding etc .... but are now divorced. Too sad

  9. Awww..what a sweet story! Happy Valentine's Day!

  10. What a romantic hubby you have! Aren't you lucky?

  11. It's so nice to have traditions like this, even if it's only understood by the two of you! I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day :)


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