Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cover art trend? Your thoughts ??

Is this the new trend in cover art?

Is it just me, or do you find these images lacking, not just the body part that's MIA, but visually appealing kind of lacking? I feel like I am missing something vital.

I want to see eyes. Yes, plural. Not just one "creepy "eye, but both eyes, don't know why, but I just do. Is that so difficult for a photographer? Not for me when I first used the digital camera, but hey, I never said I was good with new technology. Is it that they don't have to pay the model full price if they don't get to see the full picture? Are we supposed to infer some hint of mystery? I mean, really, a woman in an apron with potholders on, now just how mysterious can that really be? They can't all be in the witness protection program, now, can they?

Just thought I would throw this out there to see what you think. Thoughts, anyone? Somebody? Anybody?


  1. what an interesting post! I would NOT buy a single one of the books precisely because of the cover; in fact, I would not even take the time to read the back cover.

    I much prefer an "intriguing" book cover, like Girls in Trucks - that has a catchy title and an aesthetically pleasing picture.

  2. I agree with you - some of those covers that focus on certain body parts just look trashy to me and that's a real turn-off. I was thinking it was the old fogey coming out in me.

  3. I have to agree. I don't mind a still life type cover but part of something is like no ending to a story. I guess it is to make you want to know what the rest looks like but it does appear to be a trend. Have you heard of sleevefacing? It is done with record albums combined with real life to create a whole picture..hard to put into words...check my review and this will show you a book I received and reviewed it and my son has it as his generation is into it, I guess.
    It escapes me for the most part but some of the pix in there were clever and made for conversation...but a book cover, no thanks! GREAT POST, Kaye!

  4. Yeah, I've noticed the eyeless/faceless trend before. It irks me too, because it gives off almost this air of nonchalance and presumptuous mystery about the characters that's often NOT fitting. I mean, really, what's wrong with showing some eyes??!

  5. I am not really fond of people...let alone just a part of them...on covers. I find it limiting, somehow, in my take on the book.

    But then, I don't like pink, or purple covers either.

    In fact I have many opinions..

  6. Blah all boring covers. To me they say nothing about the book or title and it certainly doesn't inspire me to buy it. If anything I would think they were a cheap romance novel so would pass it by.

  7. Kaye, you had me laughing so hard I started coughing and scared the dog!!! What? You don't like the cover with one creepy eye?!?

    I do find The Italian Lover cover a little mysterious...

    Overall, I'd say the colors are subdued which doesn't give me visual interest in the book.

    you know that cover with the woman holding the plate of spaghetti below her waist? I kept thinking if I was doing that the spaghetti would have slipped off the plate and onto the floor in front of my overjoyed pup!

  8. Kaye! You absolutely rock. I really hadn't thought about it until your post. Maybe the deal is to make the characters less identifiable. Maybe because the eyes tell so much. I think it some books it is okay, but I am getting a bit tired off all of that too. :) I'll be honest, I have never really liked the Italian Lover's cover.

    You are the best!

    Have a great day!


  9. I agree! I think I prefer seeing their faces as well (and more than one creepy eye!), though I am not a major fan of close-up faces...

    Perhaps no one likes their faces to be displayed? Who knows... Perhaps it is to let us post our pictures onto the body ;)

    Interesting post!

  10. Great post Kaye! That does seem to be a trend and quite a popular one. I was reading an author's blog recently (she writes contemporary romance with some humor tossed in) and she was taking a poll about covers. She wanted to know what people liked. I don't remember the exact choices but I think they were this "mysterious" type you mentioned, "clutch" covers (where a man and woman are clutching, groping, embracing whatever you want to call it), "bosom busters" where the women are poured into a tight gown and falling out the top, etc. It was an interesting conversation and the author wasn't crazy about what had been chosen for her previous books. Even though they looked nice they weren't her vision. Many of her readers liked them though and that's what sells.

    How did you ever find all of these covers? were you using search terms like "one-eyed, creepy, mysterious, half-faced..."? For some reason I don't always like photos of people but I'm not sure why. I seem to prefer paintings and other softer versions. I like color too.

  11. Well, this is certainly reassuring. I thought it was just my inability to get the artistic message behind this trend. I think my fascination with this started with the Italian Lover. I was searching Fantastic Fiction to see what is coming out soon and I think I saw a few of these and then went back and started downloading the pics. That one creepy eye just scared me to no end. I would never read that book!
    Interesting to see other's opinions. Thank you so much for your input!

  12. Wow. It's surprising to see so many of them together like that! I don't mind it when it is well done, but when it starts to be the norm it loses its appeal.

  13. I just noticed that myself recently too. I kind of like it though. It adds more intrigue. LOL

  14. I see what you mean. They're all cut off. Weird.

  15. I never did think about it before, but now...yes there are so many recent books I have seen that are lacking some bodyparts. Where are all the faces?
    Strange trend, i wonder where it comes from

  16. For me it depends on what is missing from the photo...The Italian Lover is in my TBR pile, but I would not have purchased it because the cover is so blah!


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