Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Deja Vue . . .One week later. . . . . .

Tuesday was the library $3.00 per bag sale and I went....again! If you missed last week's post on my calendar- challenged mishap, see this. We waited in line in the hot Florida sunshine, for about 20 minutes before the doors opened and the book-loving cheapskates bargain hunters descended like locusts upon the myriad of boxes full to the brim with books.

My plan was to hone right in to the mystery section and pick up a few new cozies. Hubby went in the same direction and picked up anything that looked like spy, navy related, conspiracy type books. After 40 minutes, we had had enough! Very unusual for us, but today was quick scan, grab and proceed to checkout. Our foraging netted us 68 books for the vast sum of $9.00. That worked out to just 13 1/4 cents per book. Not a bad deal at all! It will be interesting to see how much the county made on the 5 day sale. Last year, I think the total was a little over $42,000.00 and the best part is that all proceeds are used to purchase more materials for the library.

Here's a look at what we bought.

Allison Margaret ~ The Last Curve ****
Archer Jeffrey ~ The Eleventh Commandment
Babson Marian~ Murder on a Mystery Tour ***
Banks Carolyn ~Murder Well-Bred **
Barnard Robert ~Bodies ***
Block Lawrence ~Hit List
Bradley Lynn~ Stand-in for Murder **
Branon Bill ~Devil's Hole
Brown Dale ~ Dreamland
Coonts Stephen ~ Cuba
Craig Kit ~Twice Burned
Curtis Jack ~Point of Impact
Disney Doris M.~ Who Rides a Tiger
Donaldson D.J. ~No Mardi Gras for the Dead
Douglas Carole Nelson ~ Cat in a Jeweled Jumpsuit
Douglas Carole Nelson ~ Pussyfoot
Du Bois Brendan ~Resurrection
Dugoni Robert ~Damage Control
Dugoni Robert ~Wrongful Death
Elkins Aaron ~The Dark Place
Erickson Lynn ~ The Ripple Effect 4****
Follett Ken ~ The Modigliani Scandal
Francis James ~ Danger's Hour
Graham Heather ~The Dead Room
Green Tim ~The Fourth Perimeter
Gross Andrew ~The Dark Tide
Harrell Janice ~Past Imperfect ****
Harris Lee ~The Father's Day Murder **
Hart Erin ~Haunted Ground
Hooper Kay ~If There be Dragons **
Howard Linda ~Killing Time
Kane Andrea ~Run for Your Life
Kellerman Faye ~Stalker
Kellerman Jonathon ~Billy Straight
Larkin E.L.~Die and Die
Locke David ~The Guest Shot
Mahoney Dan ~Hyde
Marsh Ngaio ~Overture to Death ***
Marsh Ngaio ~Death in Ecstasy **
Marsh Ngaio ~Dead Water **
Mathes Charles ~The Girl in the Face of the Clock ***
Mathews Francine ~Death in a Cold Hard Light ***
McBain Ed ~Widows
McBain Ed ~Kiss
Mccullogh Colleen ~The Thornbirds
Meadows David ~The Sixth Fleet
Michaels Fern ~Hide and Seek
Mitcheltree Tom ~Missing, Maybe Dead ****
Neely Barbara ~ Blanche Cleans Up ***
Nixon Joan Lowery ~The Island of Dangerous Dreams
Page Katherine Hall ~The Body in the Bouillon ***
Page Katherine Hall ~The Body in the Ivy *****
Paige Robin ~Death on the Lizard
Rendell Ruth ~A Guilty Thing Surprised 3.5***
Rovin Jeff ~Op-Center Line of Control
Rowlands Betty ~Exhaustive Enquiries
Sanders Lawrence ~Caper
Sasser Charles ~Detachment Delta
Scott Leonard ~Duty Bound
Silva Daniel ~The English Assassin
Smith Julie ~Tourist Trap ***
Spindler Erica ~Deep Run
Stewart Mary ~This Rough Magic
Stockenburg Antoinette ~Keepsake
Waugh Hillary ~ Murder on Safari
Weiss Herman ~Hot Water
Wilhelm Kate ~The Unbidden Truth 4****
Yaffee James ~ Mom Among the Liars (dup)


  1. My library sale is next weekend. You were lucky to have the hubby with you to help carry all of that loot. I've seen people using children's wagons at some of these sales.

  2. Library sales are so much fun. We just had one and have one more coming up in the next couple weeks.

  3. For $9, how can you beat it. It looks like you have some winners there!

  4. Oh my goodness! That is some load of books. I'm jealous.

  5. What a treasure trove of books! Enjoy them. :)

  6. Holy cow, what a catch!
    Glad you caught it on the right day this time, too.

  7. Holy books, Batman!!!! I'm glad that it went so well for you, especially considering last weeks, *ahem*, mishap. Enjoy!

  8. I am just intrigued at how you managed to carry 68 books to pay for them!

  9. What a great stack of books! I hope your library made some good money as well. :-)

  10. I don't think that our dinky little library ever has sales - half their shelves are still empty.

    I am soooooooo jealous!

  11. Whoo-hoo, 68 books for $9, that's quite the score! I'm looking forward to a couple of book fairs at the end of this month, although they won't be as easy on the pocketbook as your sale!

  12. Wow! That's getting some bang for your buck! Where do they get all the books? Our library has $1/bag book sales but they're all junk.

  13. Wow! That is quite a large haul! I love library book sales!

  14. WOW -- I thought I was a bargain shopper, but you are certainly the Queen! Congratulations on finding so many bargains. I know you will enjoy each and every one of them.

  15. That is fantastic! Wootwoot on getting great loot!

  16. WOO HOO!!! It sure was worth it to go two times! We have a big sale too in the summer but I never find that many good titles, but I don't go on the first day either. So glad it worked out. Enjoy them all!

  17. Holy moly!! I am so jealous!! I want them all!! :)

  18. Oh My Stars!! What a haul -- and you didn't even have to break the bank to do it, even better. Happy reading!

  19. LOL LOL...any when do you get the new bookcase for these?????

    Enjoy...nothing better than library booksales.

  20. Oh My Lord! I can't believe you got all that for $9!!!! Holy cow! Well, you are set for the winter aren't you?

  21. Wow! I'm totally jealous. Our town has a library sale, but the sale is not big enough to have $3 bag sales.

  22. What a wonderful stack of books. And for only $3 - that's amazing.

    I have an award for you on my blog.

  23. Wow, what a great haul. It was worth both the trips you made,lol. I never see library sales at my local branch. But I wouldn't have room for all those books. Enjoy!

  24. Speechless! Our library sale is in two weeks - I'm not sure I'll by as much as you!

  25. OMG I will have to see if our local library does this. Wonderful!!!


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