Saturday, December 19, 2009

Show Me 5 Saturday: Assassins at Ospreys by R.T Raichev

Alipet813 at That's a Novel Idea has started a new MEME called Show Me Five Saturday. This meme will give each blogger an opportunity to give a brief description of a book they have read or reviewed during the week. It will work like this: Each Saturday you will post the answer to these questions. The number indicates the number of answers you will provide.

1. Book you read and/or reviewed this week Assassins at Ospreys by R.T. Raichev

2. Words that describe the book : Murder Mystery

3. Settings where it took place or characters you met:
  • Antonia Darcy: mystery writer who, along with her husband Hugh, becomes too involved with an ardent fan and her live in companion.
  • Bee, an invalid who has a flair for the dramatic and a love of mysteries beseeches Antonia to come to her home to see what she thinks about a letter Bee has just received. Is she really what she seems or is she a clever manipulator?
  • Ralph Renshawe: owner of Ospreys who has a past with Bee and her companion Ingrid, is dying from cancer and about to change his will in a way that will set off murder and mayhem.

    4. Things you liked and/or disliked about it:
  • I loved the almost gothic feel of the mystery set in an English country manor far from the beaten path.
  • The clever plot with some twists that had me thinking every which way but the right way.
  • The many faceted characters and their true actions kept me guessing until the end.
  • The fact that this story had a timeless feel to it. It could have been set in present day or a hundred years ago.

    5. Stars or less for your rating? 5*****


  1. A mystery set in England with quirky characters? Sounds good to me! ;)

    Diary of an Eccentric

  2. Sounds like a fun read, Kaye. I only read one book this week and have to wait until Dec. 29th to post a review so no "Show me 5" this week. Lots of baking going on, though : ) Have a nice weekend!

  3. It's always good to find out about mysteries that the ending isn't obvious!

  4. Hey, Kaye...

    Just stopped by to thank you for the Comment on my Blog....i am always amazed when people actually read my reviews...Duh!..huh?


  5. 5 stars!! You're very dangerous to my reading list lady!!! Off I go to see if my library has then and to request it!!

  6. I really like this way to review books ... ever since you introduced me to it but our hostess seems to be missing in action lately.


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