Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: My Kind of Christmas by Robyn Carr

ebook, 314 pages
Expected publication: October 23rd 2012 by Harlequin MIRA
edition language
Virgin River #20

In My Kind of Christmas we meet 23 year old Angie LeCroix whose recent accident has left her restless and indecisive. With her mother hovering over her and constantly urging her to get back to medical school, Angie decides she needs to get away, be alone, and think. Besides, she's not convinced she even wants to return to medical school. Where does she go? Virgin River, of course! Her Uncle Jack is not quite as protective as her mother but almost. At least he's willing to give her a little space.

Patrick Riordan, the youngest of the Riordan brothers, is also in Virgin River, where he has his own personal crisis going on. He's suffered a severe loss as a Navy pilot and is on leave for six weeks. He just wants peace, quiet and some alone time to re-think his own life and career path. The last thing he's looking for is a new commitment.

Yup, you guessed it! Patrick and Angie spot each other in Jack's bar and the sparks fly across the room. Against admonishing from both families and their own better judgement, Patrick and Angie become a twosome for the holiday season with the understanding that it is only for a few weeks and then life will go on.


Uh, huh, Patrick and Angie. Keep telling yourselves that.

Romance stories are not usually my first reading choice but when it comes to Robyn Carr, I make an exception. I just happened to win one of the books from the Virgin River series and have not looked back. Every new one I read, I enjoy tremendously. Carr manages to grab my heart every time with her characters and the plot line.

I love this series. Even after 20 books, it still feels fresh. Carr has created a community filled with interesting and caring characters who feel so real to me. The sense of place is well done and the love stories are truly romantic; nothing over the top. I can picture all their homes and family in my mind. Even though some of the plot is predictable, it doesn't matter. It's the quality time spent in this wonderful community with it's own traditions. I'd love to spend Christmas in Virgin River!  4****

Disclosure: A review copy of the book was provided by Harlequin Mira/Netgalley  in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. I concur on your recommendation of this series, Kaye. I've read each and every one of them and I love the whole bunch. Yes, maybe predictable, but they are such feel-good books. Perfect for times when you need a bit of goodness and love in your life. :-)

  2. I'll be reading this in the next week or so - so I skipped to your last paragraph. Glad to see you liked it!

  3. I don't generally read romance, but I am listening to one right now, and surprisingly I am loving it! I am glad that you loved this one too!

  4. I don't usually read romance but it works in some books. This series sounds great!

  5. What great timing. I was thinking about a list of good Christmas stories. I love a good romance so this one's going on my list.

  6. It is not Thanksgiving yet so I won't read Christmas-themed book reviews.

  7. I love your review! I have this one from NetGalley and it will be my first experience with this author. Will I be okay reading this one without reading any of the others????

  8. Christmas book? I have not started my shopping. I can not read Christmas books yet! Eeek!

  9. I love!! the Virgin River series! I recently finished #11 ( Moonlight Road )..and am looking forward to starting #12 soon.
    Ive got this book on my Wish List, it sounds great!

  10. It seems to me that there are different characters in this book and almost all of them is going
    through their own problems. While all this happening two persons are meeting and story goes on.
    Having sais that the romance stories are not an option for me too like you but if you have made an exception then in that case I am willing to make my own. So I will give a new topic to myself for the first time.

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