Saturday, January 23, 2010

Show Me 5 Saturday: Eggs Benedict Arnold by Laura Childs

Alipet813 at That's a Novel Idea has started a new MEME called Show Me Five Saturday. This meme will give each blogger an opportunity to give a brief description of a book they have read or reviewed during the week. It will work like this: Each Saturday you will post the answer to these questions. The number indicates the number of answers you will provide.

1. Title of book you read or reveiwed this week: Eggs Benedict Arnold by Laura Childs

2. Words that describe the book: Culinary Cozy

3. Setting where it took place or characters you met:

  • Suzanne: widowed first owner of the Cackleberry Club cafe who has a real talent for murder investigations. While delivering a cherry pie to Ozzie Driesden, owner of the local funeral home, Suzanne finds his dead body on top of the embalming table. And as if that isn't traumatic enough, someone comes from behind and before escaping out the back door, chloroforms her.
  • Petra: chief cook and second owner at the cafe. Petra is an older women whose husband has early onset alzheimer's and is in a nursing home. Petra is the bedrock of the cafe and the group; always ready to dispense advice and hugs at the same time while lending a hand where needed.
  • Toni: younger woman, married to Junior, although she waffles about divorcing him as Junior is always taking off with some waitress or other. Toni is the most impetuous of the three women and is more than willing to help Suzanne in her sleuthing adventures.

4. Things you liked and/or disliked about it:

  • I really enjoy all the knitting, book and foodie talk along with the delicious recipes at the end of the book.
  • The totally unforseen denoument. Wow! The identity of the murderer stunned me as I never saw it coming at all. The way the murderer was finally subdued was hilarious.
  • Cackleberry Club Cafe setting in midwest town of Kindred. Sounds like the type of cafe I would love to visit. Not only does the menu sound wonderful but there is a book nook and knitting nest attached to the cafe. All sorts of original events are hosted there by the owners.
  • The tight relationship among the strong women characters. They are all so unique while having a lot in common at the same time. Their caring for each other and the community in general really comes through in the book.
5. Stars or less for your rating?


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Note: Laura is also the author of the tea shop series and a New Orleans scrapbooking mystery series. Tragic Magic, the latest in that series was recently featured in Show Me 5 Saturday. I reviewed the first in this Cacklebury Club series, Eggs in Purgatory here.

Disclosure: a review copy of the book was sent to me by the author. Thank you so much, Laura! As always, it was a fun and enjoyable read.


  1. Sounds great. Knitting, food, and a cozy (the only murder mystery genre I can handle, lol) - what more can I ask for?

  2. Wow! I'm impressed. You're friends with Laura Childs. I love, love her cozies. I need to finish the series.

    I have to say hi to Barney and Bailey. They are too cute.

  3. This one sounds even better than most of the culinary cozies I read about! (which are so fun!)

    Thanks for the review and for making us aware of this one!

  4. This sounds so good, and what a great title!

  5. I really need to try one of Childs cozies.

  6. I have to read this author....sounds like a fun book!

  7. Although I enjoyed all you wrote about this book, I believe I am a sucker and would have bought this just because of the adorable name!..and then you convinced me that it also a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Now there are genres with the cozy genre ... foodie cozies, knitting cozies, baking cozies! You're opening my eyes!

  9. I'm not familiar with this author but these books sound lots of fun.


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