Friday, December 5, 2008

Easiest Microwave Fudge Ever!

1/2 C. butter
1 lb. confectioners sugar
1/2 C. Hershey's (great for baking) cocoa
1/4 C. milk
1 1/2 C. mini marshmallows
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 C. chopped walnuts if desired

Place butter in a 2QT casserole dish and microwave on high 1-2 minutes
Add confectioners sugar, cocoa and milk blending well. Microwave at high 2 minutes. Stir to blend again.
Add marshmallows, nuts and vanilla stirring until marshmallows are melted and blended in. Pour into 8" buttered pan. Cover and chill
Makes about 1 1/2 lbs. Smoothest, creamiest, easiest fudge ever!


  1. Thanks for this! I am going to try it out. Okay, I'm not really going to do it. I am going to give it to Steve. He'll make it. ;)

  2. Steve and you, of course, will love it! It couldn't be any easier.

  3. This looks yummy. I love easy recipes. Next week I have a review of the Food Nanny cookbook on my blog.

  4. Oh yummy! I LOVE fudge! My mom makes some just like this and it's great. I have one for peanut butter fudge that's even easier. I'm using your recipe and making this kids. Yeah, that's it, my kids.

    I'm putting in my Saturday recipe right now.

  5. I forgot to link my recipe to your blog. This is for banana bread for Sweet Saturday.

  6. Wow, does this sound good. Thank you so much for your kind comment on my Tuesday Thinger post.

  7. As Kaye's daughter, I may be biased....
    With that disclaimer out of the way, I can attest that I have eaten this fudge many times, and it is excellent. It is tasty and exceptionally easy - it is invariably smooth and creamy without the need of a candy thermometer and endless stirring. It is nevery flaky or crumbly like many other, more time-consuming recipes.
    This was the archetypal fudge of my childhood, and I have very fond memories of it. I remember one evening my sister and I snuck into the kitchen to pilfer another piece of this fudge. We heard our mom's voice from the other room - "What are you doing?" "Nothing...." we replied in unison. Mom paused...."The fudge is on the top shelf."
    My sister and I looked at one another in amazement. How could she know what we were up to? We were being so quiet, and so clever! She must be the smartest woman in the world!
    Many (many, many) years later, I still think my mom is one of the smartest people I've ever met...and you can trust her to share a wonderful recipe!

  8. Oooh, Sweetie, I blush! thank you for the accolades. Your ever- lovin' mom.

  9. is it vanilla essence you use??


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